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TIPS: First Time Homebuyers (FTHB)

Whooo! What a whirlwind in the housing market, right? You're probably asking your questions like "Should I buy now?" or "Should I wait?" The answer depends on each person's current situation. Regardless of your situation, you should have good credit, save money, get professional help, stay ready, recognize that real estate ownership is a journey, stay in the game, stay connected to your Realtor before and after the purchase, and always buy value not the interest rate. What do I mean? Let's talk!

Credit! Whatever is “wrong” with your credit, fix it. You either fix it yourself, get help from a professional to fix it, but fix it. Do not iqnore your bad credit. Good credit is key, trust me.

Save! No matter how you pursue a home, you should save as much as you can. Stop letting your “assumed necessary” lifestyle suck you into a state of apathy.

Professional Help! Work with a Realtor, but choose your Realtor wisely. Realtors have different skill-sets. The more dynamic your Realtor, the more you’ll likely strike gold in your real estate search.

Stay Ready! Opportunities do ‘knock’, but if you’re not ready when you hear that ‘knock’, you will miss your opportunity at that time and there’s no telling when the next opportunity will come.

It’s a journey! Remember real estate ownership is a journey. This journey can take you on a path of:

  • Memorable experiences
  • Security
  • Traditions
  • Wealth

Stay in the Game! Never sit on the sidelines! Never take your eyes off the prize! There are always opportunities in Inflationary periods, recessionary periods, and depressionary periods. Those opportunities are opportunities to win. Remember, you can’t win if you’re not in the game. Stay in the game.

Stay Connected! Stay in touch with your Real Estate Agent. Communicate your goals and interests.

Buy a Value not Interest Rate. You can always refinance the interest rate to a lower rate, but not the value.

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