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Should I Sell My House?

"Should I sell my house now?" Well Mr. & Mrs. Seller, It depends!

Why do you want to sell your house?

TIPS: First Time Homebuyers (FTHB)

Whooo! What a whirlwind in the housing market, right? You're probably asking your questions like "Should I buy now?" or "Should I wait?" The answer depends on each person's current situation. Regardless of your situation, you should have good credit, save money, get professional help, stay ready, recognize that real estate ownership is a journey, stay in the game, stay connected to your Realtor before and after the purchase, and always buy value not the interest rate. What do I mean? Let's talk!

Real Estate Tax Deductions

It's been a while, but all for good reason. Among many other of life's demands, my pursuit to provide you with value continues. I decided to pursue a certification in Short Sales and Foreclosures (SFR). 

Some homeowners will experience challenges along the way. While those challenges may appear to be cripplingly unwelcomed, all is not lost. Realtor Largie can help mitigate those losses and help you through these tough times. Let's talk!

Certified Short Sales and Foreclosures: Dale Largie, CPA, SFR

Hi Everyone!

Guess what?! I'm certified in Short Sales and Foreclosures (SFR), which will allow me to provide added value to additional needs as they are needed.

Also, I wanted to notify you on my new Blog for tax deductions pertaining to Real Estate sales.

See you all soon!



Dale Largie, CPA's Blog

Welcome to my blogging page. As a Realtor and CPA, there's a unique skill set that I possess that will allow me to help everyone searching for properties, whether it's for buying, selling, leasing, or renting.

Self-Employed Individuals Buying A Home

Small business entrepreneurs have dreams of owning a home, too. However, these hard-working visionaries are wear many hats and may need a little help from time to time.

If you're self-employed and have tried to buy a home, you may have had some difficulty in reflecting income that is sufficient enough to close and get your dream home keys. One simple advice to fix this problem is to retain a competent Accountant, a CPA.

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